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Mar 28, 2012 9:00pm PDT
ground law. for reaction to the trayvon case we're joined from chicago by gary indiana mare, guarantee man-wilson. she served as the attorney general of indiana a state that has a stand your ground law. welcome into the war room, mayor. >> thank you governor. >> so glad to have you here. i wanted to get to the stand your ground issues, but i know you have seen the video of george zimmerman taken into custody or at least in the sanford police department. what's your reaction. >> i to have tell you that i'm not at all surprised after hearing the audio of the last moments of trayvon's life, i did not expect to see any injuries on george zimmerman and that video simply bears that out. i think it impeaches his story and as the old adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. >> for sure. for sure. we were both attorneys general. if i saw that video and had the testimony of the homicide detective who recommended that he be charged with manslaughter, i just do not understand to this moment why george zimmerman is not arrested. >> i have to join that. and the prosecution of zimmerman would h
Mar 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
out so the game came during the middle of march madness. >>> the mom from southern indiana who lost both legs protething her children from a tornado is recovering at home. part of her home fell on her when the stores ripped through henryville indiana earlier this month and she saved her 8-year- old son and her 5-year-old daughter by laying on top of them. decker says she is ready to get out of wheelchair. >> i am going to push that harder and see if we can't get prosthetics sooner because i am ready to get up and walk again. >> detectives do -- they have asecond home they have been renting out and friends and family remodeled it to make it wheelchair accessible and she sounds like an amazing woman. her piert most people would -- spirit most people would feel sorry for them snows and it's dry in indiana today. here at home, -- themselves and it's dry in indiana today -- for themselves. >> and it's dry in indiana today. a light breeze will make it feel that much worse outside. temperatures are in the 30s and i will show you that in a second. but we are feeling a lot colder. those wind
Mar 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
. french's french fried onions. available in the french's stay-fresh can. >>> the mother from indiana who lost both legs protething her kids -- protecting her kids from a tornado he will now recover at -- will now recover at home. she was released from the hospital when powerful storms ripped through southern indiana she laid on top of her 8 and 5- year-old to save their lives. house fell on top of her but the kids are fine. doctors say she will have prosthetic legs in three months. >> i am going to push down harder and see if we can't get prosthetics cerne because i am ready to get up and walk again. >> she seems like an incredible person. they have a sek home they have been renning out and friend and family remodeled it to make it more wheelchair accessible. >>> what a brave soul and in indiana not dealing with a whole lot. nice and quiet a few clouds streaming in across the area. about a lot of the nation is quiet and we are in that clear skies, so with that temperatures really able to drop off this morning. freezing in aberdeen. 32 before you step out the door aberdeen make sure to bu
Mar 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and beat ohio to events. cheering on indiana, coached by his brother-in-law. but kentucky had better than the hoosiers. michael kid goes coast to coast for two of his 24 points. the wildcats beat indiana 100 2/90. high-school hoops title game in sacramento. bird had two of his 24 points. the bay area top-ranked team beat price 70/56. division to, archbishop gordon had 33 stores and 20 rebounds. the monarchs won at 78/57 for their second straight title but they will not be the only ones getting more attention at school monday. the girls are also state champions, beating j.w. no. 56/54. every week on game day we hand out the " they said it " award. but the timber rules get this singing award. >> ♪ my loneliness is killing the ♪ i must confess, i still believe ♪ i don't like this ... >> ♪ give me a sign! >> ok, webster really sounded the most like brittany spears. he had that down. >> wow. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,, >>
Mar 21, 2012 5:30am EDT
lady antebellum is lending a voice to help a tornado-ravaged community in indiana. they will play a concert at a school. and schools across the country campaign on behalf of henryville high school. there you have it. that is what they're doing. [ singing ] >>> is he not the cutest? this 2-year-old is from canada. she loved to sing adele's song like you. her mom taped her sining it and posted it on "youtube." it has received more than a million hits since it was posted just two weeks ago. i would listen to her all morning. stay with us. if you're in the market for historic real estate, you don't have to travel very far. the properties in our city that are up for grabs. >>> a call for action. unarmed florida teen gunned down while visiting his father's community. we have details on that just ahead. >>> another live picture of the san diego zoo. we'll show you these penguins all morning long because they're too cute. we'll be right back. buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new
Mar 21, 2012 6:30am EDT
. >>> children from henryville, indiana will be going back to school. >>> time for a check on the weather what is going on? >>> it's good that indiana is try for today. but back off in the west, there's a big plume of moisture. and the big plume will slide off in the east. and could reach us as we go into the weekend where we have the chance for more showers and thunderstorms. we zoom in around the carolinas and also virginia. that is what is popping up there. but closer to home, we're dealing with lots of fog. and that will be scenario as we go through the remainder of the morning and early afternoon. so visibility is reduced four miles in baltimore and dealing with one in a lot of spots this morning. so take it easy on the roadways. future trend picking up on a couple of isolated showers in the afternoon, especially if we get more sunshine a little early. and we'll do it all again as we go into thursday. hour by hour, it brings our temperature about 73 agrees by 4:00 p.m. -- degrees by 4:00 p.m. and speaking of the temperatures up, check out friday, 80 there with showers and thunderstorms on
Mar 27, 2012 10:00pm EDT
on the recovery. >> communities like henryville, indiana, are slowly recovering after tornadoes devastated the region less than a month ago. along with homes, memories are also lost. >> nice family photo. >> victoria george isn't a roofer or a carpenter, but she is rebuilding lives through her facebook page called, i found your memory. >> i lost some images before in a fire and i knew what that was like. these are things you can't get back. >> through the page, items found as far away as west virginia are coming home to southern indiana. one of the most consistent posters to georgia's page, the boone county jail, work detail cleaning the side of the road keeps a sharp eye out. >> it may look like garbage, but if it's a picture, old checks, you know, anything that is a possibility that could be from that tornado, they're going to hold on to it. >> when lori was reunited with her high school diploma, she received much more than a document. muddy decree was a symbol of the kindness of strangers. >> she framed it. margie meyer framed it for me and nailed it on back. you know, that makes
Mar 17, 2012 8:00am PDT
in the trayvon martin case. >>> and new video of the tornado that barreled through henryville, indiana, earlier this month. all that coming up this hour. >>> this morning we know the name of the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians and where he's being held. the suspect is army staff sergeant robert bachlles. he's now in custody at ft. leavenworth in kansas by himself. he's married, a father of two kids. this was his first tour of duty in afghanistan but he's done three tours in iraq. here's what neighbors had to say about him. >> completely shocked. >> i would describe him as super fun to hang around with, kind of the life of the party. super loving, friendly to everybody he met, great with his kids. i just -- i don't -- i don't see how that has happened. i never saw any signs of marital problems. they always -- happy family, normal family. i mean we would go over there for birthday parties and they would come to my kids' birthday parties. they would -- always happy. happy day, you know. i don't know. >> we're learning more about bales through the people who know or knew him. cn
Mar 25, 2012 8:00am EDT
sugar land is ordered to testify about the stage collapse that killed several people as the indiana -- at the indiana state fair in august. that's an order from an indiana judge. several families of the victims have filed a lawsuit against the ban. they say sugar land was negligent in the incident. seven people died when the stage collapse and more than 40 others were injured. the scaffolding fell just as sugar land was to take stage. >> getting married is one of the biggest days of persons life. now imagine sharing the day with 2000 other couples. this massive ceremony was held in south korea. couples from 54 countries came out to participate in more than 20,000 church followers came to watch. church leaders say their goal is to make the world more peaceful by bringing so many people together at one time. >> i have a friend who got married in a ceremony like that. >> very nice. >> now they have a baby. >> that's an international couple. >> helping cancer patients at one wedding dress at a time. >> a very special bridal show taking place downtown. part of the sales go to a good caus
Mar 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
ahead. a school bus full of children, caught in indiana remassive -- indiana's massive tornado. >>> scary moment. firefighters battling a blaze in michigan, the roof begins to collapse. >>> and how much is too much of a chemical used in food packaging. >>> meteorologist bernadette woods has your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,, girl: i want to tell you about my friend. his name is ben. ben learned about a homeless boy who had an infected tooth, and the boy died. that made ben really sad. he wrote a law so every kid can see a dentist. we have special dental van that goes from school to school. he even helps make sure we learn how to brush our teeth. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. >>> great escape. three firefighters avoid getting hurt while battling a wildfire in michigan. take a look. you can see them, when all of a sudden, the roof collapses. it's just buckling here. luckily issue they were able to scramble off the collapsing section in time. the cause is under investigation. >> wow. >>> in san antonio, a motorcycle rider's brush with death is cau
Mar 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
cheering on indiana and his brother-in-law but kentucky had it better than the hoosiers tonight winning one of hundred 2-90. no. 1 seed north carolina plane without star point guard kendall marshall. the tar heels committed 23 turnovers in overtime against ohio but they live to see another day after outscoring the bobcats 10-2 in the extra period. tiger woods shot a bogey free 65 to get to tender for the tournament and is tied with the lead. giants fans can breathe a sigh of relief, buster posey survived his first play at the plate but the rangers get the win 4-1. bruce bochy told him do not block the plate. it is not worth it. >> especially in cactus league and he was easily safe >> bruce told him that there things you can do where you can get a tag on him and still make the out >> we were all holding our breath. we're coming back at 11. ,,
Mar 26, 2012 12:00pm PDT
to give you an idea of how big the movement is, it is in washington d.c., pa., iowa, indiana, all the way to the west coast in san francisco. the movement has been put on by grass-roots organization, for magazine and pour news network. >> there is now a $10,000 bounty for the capture of george zimmerman. members of the new black panther party released a wanted poster of the shooter and hope to collect $1 million by next week. zimmerman is in seclusion fearing for his own life. one of his friends say that zimmerman has wept with remorse over the killing >> the supreme court has jumped into the fight over president's health-care overhaul. it is one of the biggest cases to go before the court in decades and it could become a big issue for the president's reelection campaign as well. supporters of president obama's health-care overhaul rallied in front of the supreme court. over the weekend, members of the tea party rallied against the law. the nine justices are listening to three days of arguments over whether the health-care law is constitutional. today's issue, should the court postponed a
Mar 30, 2012 5:30am EDT
. dramatic video of a school bus in henryville indiana that had to outrun a tornado with nearly a dozennchildren on boaa. bbard..ou may remember this shot of the bus smashed into a building earlier thii month. here's what wws hppening inside... during that tornado. is pushed across the parking lot.. and then the road... before crashing into a diner. weee on that buu... audio piiks up thh tense moments pet them toosafety.ambles to - radio: henryville - there is a tornado on the ground.perry:: tornado on the ground, guys. book to put over your head, do &pit.. get in tte middle.))! 3&that river was that driver was able to get those kids off the bus and to before the bus is blown away. - a close call for a motorcyle rider... whose driving skills saved his happened on can see the car spiis out of control and came just inches away from hitting a motorcycle.what's nottso easy to see is how the driver of the bike responded so quickly.he didn't panic, he saw what waa happening and accelerated.aaazingly, averting disasttr. coming up on the early edition... they won
Mar 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. the wizards are in indiana tonight. off the steel and the take, this dog is serious. he just post arises jose. the result was the same. 15th loss. let's go to the other one. blake griffon has crazy abilities. his dog is like anything else in the league. it should be more than two. . . his dunk is like and nothing else in the league. blake griffin with the dunk of the night. >> there is a german soccer team that has not scored a goal and five games. they are the only fans in the stadium that brought their rose 2.2 the way of the opposing goal. and they scored the first goal in five games. all you carolina fans, hear this. they are all putting their names into the draft and leaving school early. 4/5ths of the starting lineup at north carolina are all gone. >> that is a dagger in the heart. >> less than 24 hours to enter to win thousands of dollars in patio furniture. >> that comes to us and thanks to offenbachers. we will announce the winner friday at 5:00. >> pretty good. >> it would be nice to sit on the patio and enjoy the weather. >> tonight it will get chilly. frost advisory north and west
Mar 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
against indiana. a gray day everybody. tgif. >> enjoy your weekend. it's 44 degrees. much more still to come in the next half-hour. some federal workers are not happy about a new budget plan. we will explain why. >> a record-setting jackpot will be drawn tonight. nearly half a billion dollars. i'm jummy olabanji if the northwest washington. how people in our area and around the country are playing big. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. a cool but sunny start to our friday. how does the weekend looked? details coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbor.. and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... addinclear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beveverage companies are delivering. >> live and in hd, this is "good
Mar 29, 2012 12:00pm CDT
is now being offered for information in the shooting of two young girls in northwest indiana and 11 and 10 year-old were playing video games in the living room tuesday night when someone fired several shots and through the front window of their east chicago indiana home both girls were shot in the chest neighbor say that a car stopped in front of their house and someone inside began shooting an fbi gang task force is also helping in the investigation there have been no arrests in the shooting it cook county judge will hear arguments today in a request for special prosecutor in the case involving the nephew of the former mayor richard daley 21 year-old david koschman died 12 days after he fell and struck his head during a confrontation with daley's nephew richard vanecko and a group of other men in the rush street area in april of 2004 and eco was brought in for a police lineup but no one identified him as the assailant and no one was ever charged in the death of david koschman whose family alleges that an echo got special treatment from police former gov. rod blagojevich x chief o
Mar 17, 2012 9:00am PDT
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Mar 17, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. appreciate it. >> good to see you. >>> a stunning new video of a tornado that destroyed an indiana town a couple of weeks ago. watch as it dismantled a high school gym. first, how is your ncaa tournament bracket? mine took a big hit last night. we'll talk you through it. ♪ when your chain of supply goes from here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, that's logistics. ♪ brad needs car insurance, but, uh, brad doesn't want to spend too much. who's brad? this is brad. ahh! well, progressive has lots of discounts for a guy like brad. brad's intrigued. paid in full, safe driver, multi-car, going paperless -- all can help brad save a bunch. sign brad up. cool! jamie will ring you up. show brad the way. who's brad? oh, here we go again. discounts that everyone can use. now, that's progressive. call or click today. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles c
Mar 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
ones as well. up next, he speaks out. >>> when a monster tornado hit henryville, indiana, this was one of the first images that we showed you, a school bus impaled into a restaurant. well, now take a look at this surveillance video from inside the bus as the tornado rips through it. moments before, there were 11 students inside, and the bus driver, angel perry, made a last-minute decision that would save their lives. she turned the bus around, headed back to school, and you can hear her just minutes before on the radio. >> everybody stay together. our group together right now. go, go, go, go, go, go! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine -- come on! 10, eleven, go, go, go! >> you've got to love it. she counts every child on that bus. and makes sure they are safe. angel, you saved those kids from this. your name speaks for itself. you are today's rock star. ♪ believe in the power ♪ i believe ♪ i believe in the power ♪ i believe that you can rescue me ♪ ♪ i believe ♪ i believe in the power ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ that you can rescue me e up t. or choo
Mar 22, 2012 2:40am PDT
in white. paula, get us started. >> i keep scoring in this round with wins by kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, duke, murray state and missouri. oh, they're already out. i also need wins by syracuse, wisconsin, the ohio state buckeyes and north carolina and kansas. can't score any more with those others. >> as for the sports guy, he can keep scoring with kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, marquette and florida. also syracuse, ohio state, north carolina and kansas. all his other teams have gone home. my picks, kentucky. forget about bcu. also need baylor, spartans and louisville and marquette. in my second eight, i have syracuse, ohio state, my tar heels, and rock chalk, those jayhawks from kansas. >> last but not least, carolina and j.j. are pulling for kentucky and indiana. as well as the gators. those other teams already watching on tv. also wisconsin, ohio state and kansas for them to have any hope. they need the jayhawks to win it all. and when they filled out their brackets, they didn't put university of florida. they put fu all the way. thr
Mar 26, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >>> a great weekend for rick santorum. he scored a blowout win in the indiana primary. it earned him just ten delegates. the primary calendar is headed to the northeast. he's not expected to do as well there. >>> it's one month since a young man was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. the man who shot martin is not speaking publicly about the incident, but his attorney and friend spoke to david muir. >> reporter: across the nation the rallies in support of trayvon martin, the unarmed teen shot and killed by the head of the neighborhood watch. anger growing because the man with the gun, george zimmerman, hasn't been charged. i sat down with zimmerman's lawyer. how does he react? >> i think he's surprised at the way things have taken off. it's become a national issue. that issue calling him a racist. that's not who george zimmerman is. >> you're going to argue this was a case of self-defense. >> the evidence will show that. yeah. >> are you going to use the stand your ground defense? >> i believe that will be applicable in this case. >> reporter: the stand your ground defense. someone who
Mar 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
weather note. two weeks after a series of devastating tornadoes in southern indiana, some remarkable images have emerged. surveillance cameras inside henryville junior/senior high school captured the tornado there. hitting the school and blowing parts of it away. and the most dramatic scene was in the gym. the force of the tornado and the vacuum, it sucked the debris out of the building, leaving a skeleton of what it was once was. >>> we turn to politics and the republican battle for delegates as they look forward to primaries in puerto rico tomorrow and illinois on tuesday. as they campaign today rick santorum and mitt romney showed their dramatically different styles. ron mott has the latest for us tonight. >> reporter: if they were movies rick santorum's campaign might be the low key independent breakout. while mitt romney's cast a look of a big-studio blockbuster. fireworks and all. differences in tone and budget that santorum noted at an event today in missouri with signs of romney everywhere. >> and money isn't going to buy this election. vision and character and authenticity a
Mar 20, 2012 4:00am PDT
in an indiana jewelry store last month. though the higher end items were locked up and secure, he and two other burglars managed to ghirt hands on less expensive watches and jewels using a bin to collect the stolen goods. police are hoping blood drops left at the scene will help them find the suspects. >>> and finally take a look at this time-lapse video of an ice-out, as another day of warm weather finally melts a minneapolis lake for the season. it happened monday, which fittingly was the last full day of winter. at least on the calendar. it took about 90 minutes for the ice to disappear. hundreds of records for high temperatures have been shattered this year in and around the twin cities. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins, a lot to get to in your weather forecast. >> going to be 85 in chicago today, flooding rains in texas. and everyone on the west coast is, like, okay, bring the warmth. l let's get winter over with. if you love spring skiing, the place to be is the in the cascades. more snow heading your way, already falling in some a
Mar 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
in henryville, indiana. as a tornado made a direct hit there earlier this month. it lifted the 36,000 pound bus like a toy, tossing it into a nearby diner. the bus driver led students to safety just minutes before. >>> still ahead, as "nbc nightly news" continues this friday, one of america's most exclusive clubs. will they finally admit women? >>> and later, more on the giant jackpot. what is it that makes so many people take a long-shot chance on a dream? >>> an american institution may be under new pressure tonight to admit women as members. next week is one of the biggest tournaments in golf. the masters at america's most exclusive golf club, augusta national. the club has only 300 members, all men. now augusta may have to change course. nbc's lisa myers explains why. >> augusta national golf club is among the most hallowed ground in golf, in its tournament, the masters, has provided some of golf's most memorable moments from its brightest stars. but this year's event threatened to be overshadowed by controversy. the exclusive club which includes the titans of american business, has long re
Mar 23, 2012 4:00am PDT
and xavier at 7:15 eastern. and kentucky versus indiana at 9:45. those games right here on cbs. in the midwest, north carolina takes on ohio at 7:47. and kansas plays north carolina state at 10:17 on tbs. >>> when we return, terror for a tv news crew. a man gets angry and pulls a gun on a reporter in arkansas. we'll show you what happens next. ,, >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., 82. atlanta, thunderstorms, 79. st. louis, thunderstorms, 67. sunny in denver, 74. partly cloudy in seattle, 50 degrees. >>> here's another look at this morning's top stories. the army sergeant accused of murdering 17 afghan civilians is expected to be formally charged today. robert bales is being held at a military prison in kansas. he could face 17 counts of murder and 6 counts of attempted murder. >>> preliminary autopsy results show whitney houston had cocaine in her system when she drowned in a hotel bathtub. heart disease also played a role. the l.a. coroner says houston was a chronic cocaine user. >>> now to a caught on video incident invo
Mar 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to the basket. >>> kentucky, indiana. the ncaa top-draw tonight . kentucky they've got more than likely four first round draft choices. darius miller. 102-90. they'll face baylor on sunday. >>> other winners , baylor, north carolina, and kansas. >>> andrew bogut hoping to shake an injury. >> it's always great to play in the olympic games. the greatest for your country, and i've been fortunate enough to go to two. i'd like to go to three, but if i'm not 110% healthy, i'm not going to go to the olympic games. >> you know what you do for as much time as you're going to spend, haven't prorated your contract, and let the government pay for your time. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one! it might not fly down there, but we'll give it a go! >> i appreciate you getting to see that. that's investigative reporting. you know what i mean? when you get involved with the australian government, it takes me from a little toy department guy to a head of state dealing with heads of state. >> that doesn't happen every day. >> couple times a week. >>> golf is going to be pretty hot this weekend. tiler woods a c
Mar 19, 2012 4:30am EDT
battles with xavier. kentucky and indiana meet in a rematch of an early season thriller. in the midwest, north carolina faces cinderella ohio. and kansas meets north carolina state. >>> when we come back on a monday and a look at this morning's top stories and the chilling 911 call moments after an unarmed black teenager is gunned down by a volunteer on the neighborhood watch. neighborhood watch. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. >>> here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the current. d.c., thunderstorms, 71. atlanta, sunny, 82. st. louis, thunderstorm, 82 degrees. denver, cloudy, 49. seattle, partly cloudy, 48 degrees. >>> top stories now on a monday morning. spring begins tomorrow and winter is going out with a
Mar 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to avenge one of the two losses during the regular season when they face the indiana hoosiers. catch all the action live here on wjz13. good weekend for staying in. >> how about that. >> watching the game. >> nice. thank you for watching, have a wonderful day, i will see you tonight. >> i will see you monday. >> i will see you tomorrow morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,, a team that shares my drive and commitment. that's why i serve in the united states coast guard. maybe you were born ready. find out at it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too.
Mar 20, 2012 4:30am EDT
for women. researchers from indiana found some women can expert or gasms when they are -- or gasms when they are doing certain exercises. weight lifting and yoga. 40% of women surveyed claimed it happened to them more than ten times. >>> police are investigating break ins at two medical facilities, authorities are wondering for the crimes are politically motivated. two offices have been broken in to in the last two weeks. the thieves took laptop computers, all laptops stolen contain professional and personal information of more than 1000 doctors. the part that has law enforcement think they are connected is because they are lobbying against antiabortion bills by the general assembly in the state. >>> this morning, the mayor of a town in alabama has kept secret from his residents. he worked under cover for the fbi. he was working to put illegal gamers out of business. harris was wearing wires for the fbi and made an agreement with the now defendants to keep quiet about gaming facilities. the plea deal was entered on thursday in exchange for a lesser sentence. >>> a school district in mas
Mar 30, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >>> the weather could get pretty rough today for henriville and much of indiana, in fact. a chance of tornado dose from indianapolis. evening rain in pennsylvania and the mid-atlantic. some flooding rain from seattle to northern california. some snow in the cascades. sierras and northern rockies. 49 in seattle. 69 in sacramento. 55 in chicago. 75 in omaha. 80s from dallas to miami. here in the big apple, about 55. business news is next this morning, including a major announcement from best buy, closing dozens of its stores and a car that drives itself. >>> also this morning -- barbie going bald for a good cause. >>> welcome back, everybody. some big changes are coming to the thousands of factory workers who make apple's precious products. their employee announced that workers will get a shorter work week without a cut in pay. as a result of their labor practice after a string of workers' suicides. >>> best buy is closing 50 of its big box store, it will open 100 smaller mobile stores instead and emphasize customer service. >>> h&m is going upscale. the swedish company has stores around the world f
Mar 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
today. the wizards play tomorrow at indiana, so no action tonight, but there was some love tonight, kevin love and the t- wolves facing the bob campus kevin was a one man love machine -- bobcats. kevin was a one-man love machine. he's the 19th player to score 40 point this season. the t-wolves trailed the rockets by 3 1/2 games for the final playoff spot in the west. >>> don't go anywhere. when we return, the nats with some bad news in advance of opening day. okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >>> today nationals manager davey johnson said stor -- said closer storn will be on the disabled list. outfielder mike morse has been cleared to resume baseball activities but also on the disabled list. >>> this after
Mar 22, 2012 4:30am EDT
and 8 assists. the wizards look to add to the momentum tonight with the indiana pacers at the verizon center. >> well, 4:55 is the time right now. coming up, warning for many of us who use facebook. coming up at 5:15, the scam you will need to watch out for when you go online. >> first, how to get things back to normal. how a con freegation is raising money to make repairs to the church. church. >>> make way for churyou're on timeout leo! >>> make way for some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. >>> welcome back. a z.c. church is raising money to repair earthquake damage. the 5.8 earthquake that hit last fall damaged the organ and ceiling.
Mar 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
coming up tonight. we'll have highlights at 11:00. sweet 16 basketball. indiana, kentucky is the late game. good stuff. >> it will be like 12:00. >> or 1:00. >> see you tonight.
Mar 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >>> it was a different story for another number 1 seed. as tom seeded kentucky battled indiana. kentucky led for most of the game. both teams went on a scoring frenzy. in the end, no bracket busting in this one. kentucky beats indiana. 102-90. >>> so, now the elite 8 is set and it starts tonight on eyewitness news. >> it is a good day to watch it, you will be indoors because of the weather. >> yes. we planned it that way. >> yes. the watch eyewitness news. >> yes. all of the weather man got together to keep you hostage. >>> all right. coming up next -- on eyewitness news saturday morning -- ,,,,,,, >>> today going to 68 degrees. 68 tomorrow as well. thunderstorms today and then showers tonight. showers tomorrow. we will see clearing late in the afternoon. 60 on monday. the temperatures take the hit on tuesday. 55 degrees. 72 and 64 on wednesday and thursday. overnight lows on monday and tuesday will be low enough that the north and west could see freezing. the temperatures down below 32. >>> if you spend at least a few hour as day in front of the computer listen up. your eyes are probably paying a bi
Mar 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
-related, imdoing a project with republican pollster, chris matthews in indiana, the first installment of the depaul university indiana battleground powell, numbers on the presidential and the u.s. senate. >> that's cute you think it is a battleground state. >> i was up late last night reading an excerpt from robert kara's new book in "the new yorker," all about lbj and the day kennedy was shot. it was fascinating. >> i was going to say i was up late reading it is will. the other thing next to it is kate boos fascinating book about a slum in mumbai. wonderful reporting and handwriting about a world we never get to see. >> we started to talk about robert moses. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown" coming up, chris jansing. bye-bye. >>> a look at your business travel forecast. the west coast by far the worst weather of the country from washington state to oregon and northern california. a lot of heavy rain. a few showers in boston today. pretty nice throughout much of the middle portion of the country. late this afternoon, strong thunderstorms near kansas city and omaha. have a great day!
Mar 26, 2012 9:00pm CDT
by 26 states, including indiana. this was the first of three days of arguments in front of the high court. tomorrow the focus is on the critical question. the constitutionality of the individual mandate. a ruling is not expected until june. it is three days before the court. all lot to digest. to break it down with us is our political analyst and constitutional lawyer paul lisnek what happened today. . > what happened today. this would have been the day when the court if they had won a two. they could have punted. the law requires us not to do with the tax until it is implemented and collected in 2014 and beyond. one of the justices raised that question. they dealt with it as a fine. as you heard justice ginsberg say they are not concerned about it. the court is ready to deal with the issue on the merits. the reason i suggest this is a lose lose for the president. if they pass this here is a concern. does it fire up republicans more than ever to say oh my goodness look what happened here. polls show many people do not want this and we have to get rid of him because we will get this
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